Find Love!

For Women Over 50

Do you believe that all the good men are "taken"?

Do you hate looking  and being rejected?
Do you pick the wrong person & then stay with him too long."
Are you successful in life, but can't find Mr. Right?

Happy Couple

You can learn ....

How to let go of the baggage from past relationships

How to identify and quickly eliminate Mr. Wrong

To believe that you deserve to have a loving relationship

How to find the man that makes YOU feel loved

To create a great relationship with the love of your life

Online  "Find Love"  Group now forming

Starting Nov.3  Tuesdays at Noon Pacific

Six sessions

Investment $149

Call Today:   858 450 1965

Week 1.  Set Yourself  Up for Success
 As you learn to prepare yourself for your Lifetime Love, you need to clear the cobwebs from your thinking.  You need to know what you have to offer someone and what you really want from that person.  You must have a plan.

Weeks 2  & 3.  Escape the grip of limiting beliefs,  unconscious patterns and sabotage.
You must decide that you are worthy of Lifetime Love.  During these weeks we’re going to get clear on the emotions that have been sabotaging your success to meet Mr. Right.   We’ll focus on tapping to let go of these unconscious patterns.

Week 4.   Learn how to attract the right person.
How do you filter out the wrong person?  How do you know and quickly eliminate the person that can’t or won’t work for you?  We’ll get clear on “What makes YOU feel loved?”  so that you can create a life where you feel confident, happy and in control.

Week 5.   Rewrite your love story.
Where do you go and/or how do you met  him?  we’ll examine the stories you tell yourself about who you are and  why nothing is working now.  Since your mind cannot distinguish between real and vividly imagined reality, you will learn how to release those stories and start believing positive stories about your love life.  We’ll guide you on how and where to meet Mr. Right.

Week 6.  Finally you must know how to deepen the relationship with the right person.      

6 week course  Tuesdays at Noon Pacific    Starting  Nov. 3

60 to 90 minutes on Zoom

$149.50  (paid in advance)

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Class filmed so you can watch over again or if you miss a class

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