Healing Stress & Overwhelm in Working Moms

Feeling guilty because you do not spend enough time with the children?

Feeling exhausted because there's never enough time to do all the things on your to-do list?

Feeling overwhelmed because it seems impossible to balance career, social and family life?

If you're struggling and wondering, "Is there a life for me?  Is this all there is for the next day of my life for the next decade?  Is there any room for me?  When's my turn?

Everyone encounters some stress in their lives.  But single professional mothers are especially stressed out and overwhelmed from the joint responsibilities of a career and children that need parenting.  How do you make time to work, shop, make dinner, help children with homework, talk to and spend quality time with your children, have friends, have a fulfilling relationship with a potential or actual partner and get enough sleep?

Ask yourself....

What will happen to your health if your stress level continues to be so high?

What do your stress level struggles mean as a role model for your children?

How many times have you thought, "Why can't my life be easier and more peaceful?

How long can you go without getting the support and nurturing of others?

I myself was a single professional Mom for 15 years stressed out overwhelmed, and struggling with these same questions.  I didn't have strategies that worked.  Instead of giving up I kept on searching for ways to enrich my life and ease the stress.  I want to share the tools that I've learned so that you don't have to make all the mistakes that I've made.  In a safe comfortable nonjudgmental setting, I specialize in helping stressed out professional Mom's have a more peaceful, productive, and fulfilling life--becoming the person you wish to be.

Please give me a call today at 858 450 1965 to schedule a complimentary "Stress Buster Session".

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