Are you lonely?
Tired of eating or watching TV alone at night?
Miss being hugged?

Do you long for a partner that makes you feel loved?

Like so many other women you may be afraid to even venture out.
You may worry about repeating the mistakes of the past.

  • What if you pick someone who tries to control you?
  • What if you end up only doing what your partner wants?
  • What if older men just want a nurse??
  • What if you end up fighting a lot?
  • What if the man only wants sex and will not make a commitment to you?
  • What if you feel like you weigh too much or just not attractive enough?
  • What if he is emotionally unavailable?
  • What if you think you're too old to be attractive?

These are just some of the beliefs that I hear so much from lonely women who yearn to have an
equal partner to share fun and companionship.

Sheila Henry

Hi, I'm Sheila

I help women 50+ create a great relationship with a man who makes them feel loved.

After many years in an empty relationship, I separated and thought I would be alone for the rest of my life. Then I learned how to change my beliefs about men, and how to create a joyous relationship. By taking the necessary steps I was able to attract and create a great relationship. I met my beloved life partner when I was 82. We have been together for over 2 years—a wonderfully fulfilling time.

You too can create a loving relationship. I use tapping, counseling and coaching tools to aid you in your quest for the relationship of your dreams..

I have been a licensed marriage counselor for 30+ years and a practicing (EFT) “tapping” coach and therapist for seven years.

“Tapping” might sound like the biggest bunch of voodoo magic ever. But keep an open mind because numerous scientifically validated studies have shown that it works and is effective.

How on earth are you supposed to choose something as a as important like a coach or counselor from a two dimensional blurb on the internet? That’s why I invite you to a 30 minute FREE initial consultation. Let’s discover if this is what you want and if we are a good fit.

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