The Stress of Change

Have you ever wondered
"How can I ever believe that I will be successful?"

Have you ever made an affirmation and then silently contradicted yourself by thinking ideas such as, "I don't deserve this." or  "Really!  I've never succeeded before."  If you are sabotaging your affirmations with these thoughts, then you are struggling with limiting beliefs.  I help you identify those limiting beliefs and then I show you how to erase those beliefs.  Then you're ready to start achieving the prosperous life you desire.

Limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your goals, but they are like an  iceberg in the Arctic Ocean--most of it is below the surface.  And so your limiting beliefs are below the surface in your unconscious mind.  You need to learn to bring it up to your conscious mind and then get rid of it.  However, you cannot leave a vacuum in your mind.   You need to replace that belief...

You just need to learn how to recognize and change your limiting beliefs to empowering ones.

Fear of Change” is one of the most powerful fears.  No matter how much we want things to change, often it is easier to stay within our own “circle of comfort”. We may not like where we are, but at least it is familiar.  We do not know what it will be like if we change.

Fears about change include :

-I’m afraid to change.
-They won’t like me if I change.
-Success can be very scary.
-This is all anybody expects of me.
-I don’t want to rock the boat.
-I don’t know how to handle success.
-All of my friends also have this problem. Why be different?
-It’s easier to stay where I am. At least I know what to expect.
-It’s too hard to try to achieve my goal.

These fears can apply universally to all goals: from relationships to professional success.  Even people who are successful in many areas of their lives may still have one area where they are afraid of change. Many people are unaware that they have a belief system that is interfering with their success. Unless we neutralize our negative underlying beliefs, any gains realized will be short lived.

If you are having difficulty in a particular area of your life, try this!  Stand in front of a mirror and say the “Fear of Change” statements out loud. If any of the statements causes an emotional reaction within you, that could be a hint that you are getting close to a limiting belief.   These limiting beliefs are the big block to our achieving success in our goals.   Unless you heal any limiting beliefs, you will find it difficult or impossible to change.

Another way to find any limiting beliefs that you might have is to close your eyes and imagine proudly and loudly shouting out the opposite beliefs to an audience composed of your family and friends.  These beliefs are called empowering beliefs.

Examples of empowering beliefs are:

-I enjoy change and growth.
-My friends (relatives, co-workers) are happy to see me succeed.
-Success feels very good.
-I love realizing my potential.
-I deserve to have _______________ (what I want).
-I can be safe having ________________ (what I want).

Substitute some of the empowering thoughts--realizing that they are not yet
beliefs, but are potential new beliefs.  Now you are on your way to leaving your Fear of Change behind you.

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