Dating Oer 50

The 50+ Club:  5 Tips for Dating Over 50

 One of the many great joys on our journey through life is to love and to feel loved. As the years go by, getting to a place of love with a new person can begin to feel more daunting and scary. 


However, age should be no impediment to finding someone you care about to spend the days with. Dating over 50 can be as enjoyable and pleasurable as dating at any other point in your life. You might just need to learn how to get into the proper swing of it.


What are some tips for dating for women over 50? Read on and we'll walk you through some essential tips and tricks that can help to get back out there and not feel so nervewracking.


1. Be True to Yourself


Often, when we first start back on the path to dating, we get nervous about the potential acceptance of ourselves by others. We begin, in big ways and small, to pander to what we think others want to see of us. 


Not everyone out there will be the right person for you. The last thing you should do if you're hoping to meet a partner that can sustain and care for you in a real way is to change or contort yourself to meet expectations.


That doesn't mean not being a gracious listener and working towards being your best self. But it does mean not changing who you are and who you need to make yourself more available to others. 


The more you can stay true to yourself as you move through the initial stages of the dating process, the better you'll be on the other side of it all. 


2. Consider Video Dating First


Today, we do so much of our conversing with friends, family, and co-workers through the internet. Why couldn't it be the same when it comes to dating? 


Many people of all ages these days are doing their initial hellos with potential love interests through applications such as Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. These outlets provide the opportunity to get a sense of the other person without having to go through all the organization and expensive of a sit-down date.


How many dates have you been on where you were ready to leave within ten minutes of arriving? Putting some feelers out through digital channels can help to make better use of your time, finances, and feelings.


Of course, if your video chatting goes well, you can take things to the next step and grab dinner or a drink somewhere soon after. This is just a precaution that can help many. When you reach a certain age, you know better what you're looking for, and this method can help weed out some bad options as quickly as possible.


3. Don't Unload Everything at Once


With 50+ years of life behind you, there is always the temptation to let a new person know where you're coming from at the tip-top of a new romantic entanglement.


After all, you've been down this road many times before, and at this point, you may feel that transparency about your experiences is the best route forward. This is both true and untrue.


On one hand, being open about both your expectations and desires can be incredibly healthy and should be encouraged. On the other, delving too heavily into your past and all the gory details can suck the air out of a new relationship. On some level, it's important to remember to stay present in the moment as it stands.


With any new encounter, it's best to try and keep the conversation light and open to possibility. You can get into your history at a later point when a stronger foundation has been established, and share those things that need to be shared.


4. Live a Varied Life


If you're putting some effort into your love life, it can be easy to start thinking of it as a sole focus. This would be a mistake at any point in life, but especially at a decade as ripe for discovery and exploration as the time you are in now.


Besides, you can't maintain a healthy romantic relationship without having other things to look forward to in your life. Other things need to be going on: you should have other passions, other interests.


All of these things can help feed back into and out of your romantic life. To ignore the rest of life in search of romance is not likely to breed positive results.


5. Don't Give Up


Even the most beloved and beautiful people on the planet have gone on their fair share of bad dates. While it's easy to feel that a bad date might spell doom and gloom for your romantic future, you need to resist the urge to sink into this way of thinking.


Persist. While three bad dates might get you down, it could be the fourth that turns things around. Dating later in life may not be easy, but there is always the possibility for a genuine connection right around every corner. 


If you can keep optimism and excitement on your side, things are sure to turn out for the best. 


Understanding Relationships & Dating Over 50


If you're getting back out into the world of relationships later in life, there's a lot that can feel overwhelming. However, dating over 50 doesn't have to be all nerves and scares - it can be quite rewarding too. Keeping the above advice in mind as you work towards your love life goals can help quite a bit.


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