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Packages and Pricing: How to Find Love for Women Over 50

Are you ready to work with Sheila Henry and discover how to find love for women over 50? Learn more about all the packages she offers.

Are You Ready to Commit to Building a Future Filled With Love?

Now that you know that help is out there, it’s time to make a decision to take action. The first step to building a great relationship and feeling loved is committing to breaking free from old patterns and mindsets that no longer serve you. 

Licensed Therapist Sheila Henry offers several different packages to help you do just that. Continue reading to learn more about her packages, or contact her today to book a free discovery call and determine if her programs are right for you.    She accepts insurance from several plans including UBH and some PPO plans.  She does not accept insurance for the groups as they are both educational and healing.

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Sheila Henry’s Packages and Pricing

When it comes to building the foundation for a healthy relationship, everyone has different needs. Sheila Henry offers four great options, so you can get the help you need most. 

Option #1: The Ready to Find Your Ideal Partner Package $800

Are you a single woman over 50 who is looking for your ideal partner? Do you struggle with old patterns or painful memories from past relationships? This package was created for you.

Sheila Henry will show you the exact process she used to restore her confidence, move past trauma and build a healthy relationship. It includes a complimentary discovery session, an 8-week Learning to Find Love Webinar Course, and four private EFT sessions.

Option #2: The Emotional Freedom Package $500

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a holistic treatment based on acupuncture that may help you reduce anxiety, emotional distress, and more. This package includes one 60-minute discovery session and five private EFT tapping sessions in person or on Zoom.

Option #3: The Extended Emotional Freedom Package $900

This package is an upgraded version of the Emotional Freedom package and includes one 60-minute discovery session and ten private EFT tapping sessions in person or on Zoom.

Option #4: The EFT Ongoing Group.   6 Sessions $149

Healing is often better together. Our group EFT sessions are an excellent way to enjoy the company of others during your journey. We meet on Zoom every Thursday at 4 PM.

Why Choose Sheila Henry?

For Sheila Henry, helping women find love after 50 is more than a career. It is a calling. She is passionate about using her own journey to help other women embrace the life they were meant to live and find lasting love. She is a licensed marriage therapist in California and a certified EFT relationship coach and works with clients both in-person and online. 

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Your Journey Begins With a Single Step

Don’t wait any longer to start working towards the life you are dreaming about. If you are ready to build the skills you need to find love after 50, or simply to get more enjoyment out of life, contact Sheila Henry to join one of her amazing programs. Contact her today to book a free discovery call. 

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