Finding Love and  Happiness After 50;  Unveiling the Secrets to Senior Dating  Success

How often does this happen to you?  

You’re starting a new exciting relationship and then you realize that it becomes just like your old emotionally controlling relationships in the past?  

Or you meet someone and he seems so wonderful, but then he disappears without a trace?

Or you realize that an older man that you are dating just wants a caretaker?  

Maybe you tell yourself that dating as a senior is too scary.  Or maybe you’re just not attractive enough to be with someone who is your equal.  

Or maybe you just tell yourself that you don’t deserve love and affection.

Or maybe all the good men are taken?

You feel helpless over the situation.  You’re lonely and don’t know what to do.  

My “Find Your Love — for Women over 50” Program Will Show You How to Heal the Fears and Limiting Beliefs You Hold and then How to Find the Mr. Right!

You can clarify exactly what you really want & need for happiness and lasting passion.  
You can learn how to quickly identify and eliminate Mr. Wrong.
You can discover that you have the right to what you want in a relationship.
You can discover how to meet a man that treats you like a Queen.
You can learn how to create and nourish a loving relationship.  

Ongoing group meets Thursdays from 2 to 4 PM virtually on Zoom
$179 for 6 sessions
Free consultation before admission to group.
Led by Sheila Henry, LMFT  
(Ca, licensed Counselor and EFT Certified Relationship Coach)
To Enroll:
Call  Sheila at 858 450 1965 or

There are various factors that can hold people back from establishing a loving relationship. Here are a few common ones:

  1. Past failures: Previous negative experiences or heartbreaks in relationships can create fear and reluctance to open up again. People may carry emotional baggage from past relationships, which can make them hesitant to trust or invest in a new partnership.
  2. Fear of rejection or vulnerability: The fear of being rejected or hurt can be a significant barrier to forming a loving relationship. Opening oneself up to another person requires vulnerability, and the fear of potential pain or disappointment can prevent individuals from taking that leap.
  3. Negative self-beliefs: Believing that you're meant to be alone or that you're unworthy of love can significantly impact one's ability to establish a loving relationship. Negative self-perceptions can create self-sabotaging behaviors and prevent individuals from actively seeking or accepting love.
  4. Unrealistic expectations: Unrealistic expectations about relationships, such as expecting perfection or seeking someone who meets an idealized image, can impede the development of a loving partnership. These expectations can create a barrier to genuine connections and prevent individuals from appreciating the potential in imperfect but fulfilling relationships.
  5. Fear of losing independence: Some individuals fear that entering into a committed relationship may compromise their independence or personal freedom. This fear can make them hesitant to pursue or fully commit to a loving partnership.
  6. Lack of self-awareness: A lack of self-awareness and understanding of personal needs, desires, and boundaries can hinder the establishment of a healthy and loving relationship. It is important to have a clear understanding of oneself and what one seeks in a relationship to form a compatible and fulfilling connection with another person.

Overcoming these barriers often involves personal growth, self-reflection, and sometimes seeking support from therapists or relationship coaches. It's important to address and work through these obstacles to create space for new and fulfilling relationships. With self-awareness, healing, and a willingness to take risks, individuals can move past these challenges and establish loving and fulfilling connections with others.

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