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I help women 50+ create a great relationship with a man who makes them feel loved!

"Life is the flower of which love is the honey."  (Victor Hugo)

Exploring and Finding Love!

What are the inner qualities  that he needs which will make you happy?

What will you accept and what won't you accept?

As you examine your past, how do you avoid the mistakes that you made before?

What beliefs, habits or patterns do you have that are blocking you from establishing a great relationship?

How do you learn to tell what he is really like?

How do you get over the fears of being hurt again?

What would this wonderful relationship be like?

How do you find him?

I invite you to a 30 minute FREE Discovery Session.  Let's discover if this is what you want and if we are a good fit

Options for Working with Me

Option #1  Ready to Find Your Ideal Partner Package          $800

Are you single and longing to find your ideal partner?  Do you know you also need to clear out old patterns or lingering memories from past relationship experiences?  I hear you!  This is what I needed.  I successfully turned my love life around using the exact process I'm offering you here.

8 week Learning to Find Love Webinar Course

Discovery  Session

4  One-on-one Private EFT Sessions

Option #2   $500

One 60 Minute Discovery Session

5 Private EFT Sessions  60 minute EFT "tapping" Sessions in person or on Zoom

Option #3  $900

One 60 minute Discovery Session

10 Private 60 minute EFT "tapping" Sessions in person or on Zoom

Option #4  $149

6 week ongoing group EFT Sessions Thursdays at 4 PM 

I am passionate about how I help individuals achieve their goals.  I get very excited as clients tell me, "There is such a huge shift in me. or People tell me how much I've changed. or I'm actually able to get what I want."   I have personally experienced the power of EFT to transform my life in having more enjoyable relationships, greater creativity and financial freedom.

I combine counseling and coaching to  provide support and practical feed-back to help clients effectively address their emotional challenges.  I focus on achieving your goals today and getting past the events and patterns that stop you. You transform your life  by
integrating the latest scientific research in the Body/Mind field and personalizing solutions to your individual needs.  I come to you with experience, compassion and understanding working with you in partnership to redirect your emotions in order for you to lead a happier, more abundant and healthier life .

I am a licensed marriage counselor specializing in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) sometimes known as Tapping, as my focused methodology for success.  I have over 30 years experience as a therapist maintaining a private practice in San Diego.

I am available for speaking engagements specifically on the subject of "Find Love for Women -- Over 50" by Tapping, using the scientific success of EFT in eliminating negativity and putting new positive patterns and beliefs in place.

Education   Master's Degree University of San Francisco

License, Certifications & Trainings

Certified EFT Relationship Coach
MFT #8408
Certified in Cognitive Therapy

Neo-Reichian Bodywork Therapy
Hypnosis studies over a number of years with Joyce Mills, Brian Alman,  Steve Gilligan and Bill O'Hanlon as well as shorter studies
Went to Ericksonian workshops for years
EFT training with Alina Frank, Craig Weiner, Michael Molina, Dale Paula Teplitz,  and Judith Frost

Professional Activities and Memberships
California Society of Marriage and Family Counselor
San Diego Chapter Cal. Society Marriage & Family Counselors   (Past Board Member)
Past Member (and Board Member) San Diego Society for Clinical Hypnosis
ACEP  (Association Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

Active Rotarian 15 years  (La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary)

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