Heart Eyes: 6 Signs a Man Likes You

Are you looking for love but keep getting nothing but mixed signals? Are you spending nights trying to decide if a text is romantic or not? Re-running interactions in your head to figure out if he wants more or was just being friendly? Romance is hard enough without all the games and misinterpretations.
There are signs a man likes you, but you have to know what you're looking for. If he's doing several of the signs listed below, he's interested
1. Body Language
There are several subconscious signs a man likes you or at least is interested in you. However, they aren't perfect indicators alone. Body language can be very telling, but it's easy to misinterpret as well, so look for these signs along with others to tell.
In body language, we tend to mimic the position of the person we're engaged and interested in. When you are sitting with him, is he doing a similar thing with his arms? When standing in a group does one of his feet point toward you? Does he maintain good eye contact when speaking with you and when not
These are all good indicators he might be interested in taking things further.
2. Listening and Responding
When you're having conversations with him, is he paying attention? A good sign a man is interested in you is that he listens when you speak. He's interested in what you have to say and responds to what you're talking about by furthering the conversation.
We've all been stuck in a conversation with someone we don't want to talk to. The quickest way to get out of that is to kill the conversation. Instead of asking follow-up questions and keeping things going, you give a "hm" or "interesting" to hope that ends it. If he's carrying on the conversation and wants to hear more from you, it's a sign he likes talking to you and wants to keep doing so.
3. Compliments
If he outright compliments you, especially on things like your appearance, personality, and on an emotional level, these could be signs he likes you. Pay attention to how he delivers the compliment as well. A friend might be very forward with a compliment. Whereas if he compliments you & quietly and privately, he probably likes you more than a friend.
And if you're looking for signs a man likes you at work, think about the-actually-thoughtful-compliments-to-give-to-your-coworkers/"kinds of compliments he's giving? There are fine lines drawn when it comes to flirting with coworkers, so you'll both likely be cautious. However, if he's complimenting you on both work and more, like your personality or how you looked one day, he might be interested in being more than coworkers.
4. Making Plans
One of the more obvious signs he likes you is that he initiates making plans with you. Is he asking when you can hang out and if you would like to go places with him? It's easy to forget in the world of constant connection through technology that a simple text to see you is just as important as a conversation over text.
Love can be hard to find at any age, but making future plans and talking about things he'd like to do with you shows that he is imagining being with you later on, not just right now. It's easy to assume plans that are casual means he wants to be friends. But if initiating plans is paired with these other signs, it's because he likes you.
5. Physical Touch

Physical touch is a great way to tell if he likes you, because it's not always a common thing for friends, and you can take note of how he touches you. We all hug our friends hello or goodbye, but does he always put his hand on your back or go out of his way to touch you in passing? 

When seated at a table is he close to you and are your legs touching? If you hand him something, does he linger with his fingers touching yours? Physical touch is pretty easy to notice and is definitely a more direct way of communicating that you like someone romantically. <
Physical touch that is not given to anyone else is a good indicator. It can be small and subtle like a brief hand on the knee touch, but still very noticeable.
6. Asks Questions

There are several signs a guy likes you that can be interpreted as friendship, and this one needs clarification. If a man is asking you basic questions about yourself and your day, he may just be acting friendly and trying to get to know you in a platonic way. However, if he is asking more deep and personal questions about your life, your childhood, and your future goals, that's a good sign he could be into you.
We all like to get to know friends better, but for romantic partners, you tend to learn about them on a deeper level. You may feel more comfortable asking some of the more pressing and important compatibility questions sooner because they can help you tell if the relationship could be worth pursuing.
If he's also carrying on these more deep conversations when you're not together, that could be one of the signs he likes you through texts. Emojis and other things can be good indicators if it's something obvious like a heart, but the actual content of the message can be just as telling.
Clearest Signs a Man Likes You
The clearest signs a man likes you is if he tells you he has feelings for you or asks you out on a date. If you are wondering if you should make the first move, the signs above could give you the signal you've been waiting for.
When it comes to romance it can feel impossible to read people, but sometimes they're trying to give you indicators you haven't noticed. If he's doing multiple of these things, he likely wants to do more. And if you're still wondering if you can even find love, there are plenty of places to help you keep looking.

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