Top 5 Tips for Finding Love for Women over 50

These days, it seems like finding love is a breeze, especially with technology creeping into every nook and cranny of our lives. About 40% of Americans use online dating, with most Gen Zers swearing by it. However, you can’t say the same about the older ilk of love-seekers who aren’t as conversant with online dating.


For women over 50, finding love is as hard as it sounds, but not impossible. If you’re looking for someone to love and cherish in your later years, we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be highlighting a few dating tips for women over the age of 50.


1. Be The Person You Want to Attract


You need to work on yourself first before getting your foot back into the dating game. We know the phrase, "be the person you want to attract" sounds a bit cliche. But before you start rolling your eyes, give it some thought.


You’ve probably been out of the dating scene for quite some time. Maybe things have changed, but you want to get it right the first time. Minor disappointments may cause you to retreat into your home and abandon your love life.


That said, right down a list of attributes you’d like to find in a man.  Do you want him to be generous, honest, responsible ? Put some serious thought into it and list down all the attributes of your perfect man.


Once you compile the list, look at it and ask yourself, "would this type of man be interested in me?" No?   Why not?   You could be the biggest barrier in your quest to find love.


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2. Define Your Perfect Partner


You’ve compiled a list of attributes you want in a partner, and you’re on the right track. Over the next few years, internalize that list and etch it in your mind. Keep it close to you, so you can look at it every once in a while. 


Defining and internalizing your perfect partner will save you from going on many pointless dates. With a clear picture of who you want, you can get a clear idea of whether it will work out on the first date. In your 50s or 60s, you won’t have the energy or motivation for futile dates.  You also don't want to repeat the mistakes from the past.


Let’s face it, there’s a good chance you might not find someone that checks off your list. Did you put down the vaues that are really important to you? However, you can conform a little because this is real life, not a fairy tale. As long as you have a clear picture of who you want, you’re good to go.


3. Pick the Best Way to Find Love


In today’s world, there’s no shortage of avenues to find love, and it’s your responsibility to find the best one for your needs. You can first try your hand with the myriad of online dating sites. This is the most popular and easy way to connect with your potential lover.


Alternatively, you can have your family or friends set up blind dates for you. Sometimes there’s someone who knows someone that might be interested in you.  Although harder for senior women, try your luck; you have nothing to lose.


4. Get Out of the House


Don’t expect Prince Charming to come knocking on your door with a bouquet of flowers. This won’t happen, so it’s best to get out there and find your prince charming. 


Go out and engage in some of your favorite activities, like working out, bowling, and even shopping. There’s a high chance you might bump into someone with similar interests. Talk to them, exchange contacts, and let love take its course.


5. Be Yourself


The worst mistake most women in their 50s make when on dates is to put on a false facade. While impressing your date is important, painting a fabricated persona will work to your detriment. There’s a high chance you won’t be able to keep up this false persona for long.  Also do you want him to be in love with you or an imaginary person?


That said, make sure you act like yourself from the get-go. If you don’t like your current self, there’s still plenty of time to work on yourself. However, remember that no one is perfect, and a few flaws won’t prevent you from finding the love of your life.


6. Take It Slow


You might be in a hurry to find love, but it’s super important that you take it slow. Patience is of utmost importance when scouting out a lover in your 50s. You certainly don’t want to end up with the wrong partner, especially since you want to avoid the mistakes of the past. 


That said, stay patient and wait for the perfect partner to come your way. Ensure he checks all, or at least most of, the boxes on your list. Compromise is acceptable, but don’t compromise too much.


7. Find a Friend in Your Lover


While you might fall head over heels over your date’s gorgeous eyes and charming demeanor, don’t jump ship yet. There’s a lot more to love than just looks, going out, and cuddles. Aside from the lovey-dovey, you also need to find a friend for life. 


In fact, you should start off as good friends and later grow into full-blown lovers. Also, don’t be afraid to make other friends along the way. This is great for your confidence and helps spice up your social life.


8. Enjoy the Process


Lastly, make sure you have a ball finding the perfect partner.  Think of each datae as an adventure.  Don’t get too anxious or put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun and instead of finding love, love will find you.


Women Over 50 Deserve Love Too


Women over 50 deserve a strong and fulfilling love life too. The above dating advice should help put you on the right track to finding love in your 50s. 


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