8 Best Places to Meet Single Men Over 50 That Aren't Dating Sites

Single men over 50 are a smaller pool to draw from in the dating world, with women outnumbering them 954-920 for every 1,000 births, according to a study conducted by AARP. So, if you're a single woman over 50 and looking for love, you may be wondering where to meet single men.

The truth is, there are plenty of places to meet great guys outside of dating websites. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 different places that you can go to meet single men over 50. We'll also give you some tips on how to make the most of these opportunities!

1. Local Bars

Local bars can be great places to meet men over 50. They provide a comfortable and relaxed setting where men can gather to eat, drink, and socialize.

They also offer a variety of activities that can appeal to men of all interests and backgrounds. For example, many bars host live music or televised sporting events.

Some even have pool tables or dart boards. This gives men a chance to bond over shared interests and engage in friendly competition. In addition, bars typically have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, which can help men to loosen up and open up to others.

2. The Gym

The gym is a great place to meet men over 50 for many reasons. First, we already know that a happy relationship can improve your health.

Also, it's a healthy interest. Getting fit is always a good idea. It improves your quality of life and can increase libido if you're in the group of widowed or divorced women who are looking to get back out there.

Lastly, it's an active interest. You're both up and moving around, making it easy to strike up a conversation. Some good icebreakers: 

  • Ask for advice on a particular exercise machine
  • Compliment form, weight, number of repetitions, speed on a treadmill or elliptical
  • Discuss favorite (or least favorite) workouts

Whatever approach you take, the key is to be friendly and open-minded. After all, you never know where your next great workout buddy might come from.

3. Sporting Events

There are many reasons why sporting events can be effective at meeting men for single women over 50 or dating over 50, in general. First, sporting events tend to attract a large number of people, which increases the chances of meeting someone new.

Sporting events are usually held in public places, which makes it easy to approach and strike up a conversation with someone you're interested in. And sporting events tend to be very relaxed and informal, which can make it feel less daunting to approach someone new.

Of course, not everyone lives near professional sports teams, but there are often other options available, such as semi-professional or amateur teams, or even local college or high school teams. There are also many different types of sporting events.

From track and field to basketball to soccer, it's likely that you'll be able to find one that interests you. Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or simply looking to meet someone new, attending a sporting event is a great option.

4. Social Clubs

Social clubs hit almost every interest, including sports, hobbies, and business networking. Many clubs also offer social events, such as dinners and dances, which provide an opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed setting.

Some common clubs for men over 50 include the Rotary Club, the Elks Club, and the Kiwanis Club. If you're looking for a specific type of man, such as a business professional or an athlete, there are also clubs that cater to those interests.

5. Church Groups

Many church groups are great for meeting men over 50. Here are a few things to keep in mind when going this route: 

First, many church groups are very welcoming and inclusive, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself and get to know people. 

Second, church groups often have a variety of activities and events that you can participate in, so there's bound to be something that interests you. 

Third, because church groups are typically based around shared values and beliefs, it can be easier to find a potential partner who shares your same worldview. 

Some churches are more inviting than others when it comes to divorced men and women, so you'll want to do your research first. But these groups can certainly make it easier to connect.

6. Book clubs

Book clubs provide an opportunity to socialize with other like-minded people, and they offer a chance to discuss common interests. Book clubs often host events where members can meet and mingle.

This provides an ideal setting for meeting someone new. And because members of a book club are typically around the same age, it's easy to find men who are within your age range.

7. Online Forums

Online forums can help you connect with men over 50 as well. For many men, reaching the age of 50 can be a time of transition. They may be retired from their careers, divorced, or widowed.

As a result, they can find themselves feeling isolated and alone. Joining an online forum can help to provide some much-needed companionship. Members of the forum can share their interests and experiences, exchange advice, and offer support to one another.

In addition, online forums can be a great way to meet men from all over the world. This can help to broaden perspectives and provide new opportunities for friendship. And there's no reason why an online connection can't turn into a real-world meetup.

8. Volunteering Organizations

Men over 50 have a lot to offer volunteer organizations. They often have more time and energy than younger men, and they can provide a wealth of experience and expertise.

They are often looking for ways to give back to their community. As a result, volunteer organizations can be a great way to meet ones with a bit more depth and heart to them.

Not only will you be able to work together towards a common goal, but you'll also have the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level. And who knows? You just might find the man of your dreams.

Single Men Over 50 Still Have a Lot of Love to Give

Finding relationships with single men over 50 isn't as difficult as it once was with divorce and marriage trends ever-changing. You just have to know where to look!

And if you're still not sure how to get started, consider working with a certified relationship coach. Sheila Henry has helped many women in your situation find new love past the age of 50, and she's ready to do the same for you! 

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