A Complete Guide to Avoiding an Awkward First Date

A recent survey showed that nearly 35% of women ages 40 to 69 had previously dated a younger partner. 

Couples all over are showing that age is just a number and that love can get found even in your later years. 

If you are interested in meeting someone to enjoy life with, there are a few tips for when you get started.

Keep reading to discover what to avoid on your first date so that you don't miss out on a chance for love! 

Remember Your Value 

One of the biggest mistakes people make on the first date is forgetting their value. 

You should value and love yourself, otherwise, you won't end up in a successful relationship. To attract love in your later years, you need to be confident in who you are. Try your best to avoid negative self-talk, especially in the hours leading up to the date.

Keep in mind that your date is likely just as nervous as you are. Highlight your best qualities and let your date understand what makes you so unique. Some people find it helpful to point out 3 things that you love about yourself each day to improve your thoughts. 

Avoid Trying to Be Someone Else 

If you want to find a lasting relationship, you need to avoid lying and pretending to be someone you aren't.

A previous survey found that more than 60% of people lied during their first dates. Typically, these lies are small and harmless, but they can have a negative snowball effect in the future. 

Although you might be tempted to say and do things that you know the other person will like, you should stay true to yourself. Instead of quietly going along with a conversation you disagree with, discuss your opinion as well. 

Many people think that being honest could hurt the other person's feelings, however, neglecting who you are can lead to much worse issues. You might be surprised at the person's response when you are honest and open. 

Don't Come With a Closed Mind

If you have specific first date plans and expectations, you might want to take a step back.

Much like you, the other person you are meeting could have gone through a tragic relationship or might want to find love. Try to keep expectations under control so that you don't feel let down or disappointed when they aren't your picture-perfect date.

Listen to your date when they talk and try to find the wonderful characteristics that they have. Going in with an open mind will help you grow even more as a person and find other interests in life. 

Meet in a Public Space

Whether you come from a previous relationship that involved abuse or was healthy, you shouldn't meet in a secluded area.

Not only is it smarter for your protection to meet in a public space, but it will also help you mentally. Most people feel calm when others are around, it gives them something to focus on when they get nervous. Another advantage of meeting in public places is that it opens up a conversation more naturally. 

When other people are nearby, you won't feel like all the eyes are on you and it will be easier to open up. Trusting that others are around will give you the comfort to be yourself and let your personality show. 

Parks, zoos, and coffee shops provide a calm and intimate environment to go on a date. In these settings, you can have discussions and truly get the chance to learn about the other person. 

Ask Questions

There is nothing worse than silence on a first date, and everyone deals with it in their own way.everyone deals with it in their own way.

If you are finding the breaks between conversations to be too long, ask your date questions. You can follow up with questions about who they are or what you were previously discussing. Once you start asking questions, it will also increase the opportunities for them to learn more about you. 

Generic responses can seem ingenuine, asking questions shows that you are taking an interest in what the person has to say. If your date is uncomfortable with certain questions, let them know you understand and move on to another topic. 

As you and your date build trust with each other, it will get easier to open up about the deeper things in life. 

Relax & Smile

First-date plans are often light and fun, which is the mood that you should try to have. 

While you are on your date, do your best to be in the moment and appreciate your surroundings. Relax your body and mind and try to make the most of your time with this person. Even if you don't have a spark with your date, this person could still become a wonderful friend. 

The more that you try to enjoy yourself, the easier it will be for your date to enjoy itself as well. If you don't feel comfortable around the other person, however, you can kindly end the date. Always pay attention to how your date is making you feel and if they are returning the friendly and kind behaviors. 

Find a Spark on the First Date

No matter how long you live, getting ready for a first date can feel intimidating and exciting. 

Staying true to yourself and loving who you are will help you connect with someone that feels the same. Although you both might have a unique history, you should walk into the date with an open mind and not be afraid to communicate. Love can be found at any age as long as you are willing to let someone in. 

Don't be afraid to get help from a counselor or therapist to improve your mental health. 

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