What's the Cost of Saying NO to Your Dreams?

It could be financial — Maybe you’re not making as much money as you could.  Maybe you haven’t gotten that promotion?  Or maybe you haven’t started your own business.  Or maybe you don’t have the house you really want.

It could be emotional —maybe you don’t have the relationship you want.  Maybe you’re lonely.  Or depressed because you’re not moving ahead.   Or anxious because you’re afraid of what may happen this next year or two.  

It could be physical 
—Maybe you’re eating too many sweets or other comfort food to make up for those stressful moments  — maybe you’re now overweight.  

It could be behavioral — Maybe you’re doing the wrong things and don’t understand why.  Maybe you’re procrastinating and mot feeling motivated enough to do the things you know need to be done.

If you’re stuck in some ways, it could be because you have painful feelings that may be scary.  You may think “What’s the point of feeling that? What will happen if I do feel it.”

You are often told to try and feel positive feelings.  ”It’s not good to be angry or resentful.  Just be grateful for what you have.  Try positive Affirmations.”  The hidden underlying anger (or other emotions) drains you of your energy.  

There are many ways to release that energy. As you become honest with yourself about your feelings, you can learn the tools of how to release them.  Then you can begin to do the positive work of realizing your dreams.

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