Is Dating Hard? Her's Tips for Dating Over 50!

Life changes in the dating world when you reach 50—but it doesn't have to mean that it's over. 

Much of the focus of love deals with first loves, young marriages, and people planning families and having children. When none of these are on the table at 50, it's up to you to figure out your roadmap to success if finding a significant other is important to you. 

Dating in 2023 is a quagmire in itself, since half the country believes that dating has gotten harder in the last decade. So, is dating hard? How does your age come into play?

Below we'll explain what you should know when you're dating over 50. 

Is Dating Hard?

Whether dating is hard or not is a matter of opinion, but one thing is for certain—it has changed. 

Roughly 30% of Americans today have tried some form of online dating. It wasn't that long ago that online dating might have been frowned upon, or something that a person would be ashamed to admit. 

Today it is the norm and the main way that people meet and find connections. 

The main reason that people find dating hard is that their perception is skewed. People often have unrealistic expectations or have not done the work to get past their hangups. 

Once a few bad interactions happen, it's also common for people today to start giving up on dating altogether. We live in an instant gratification society, and our popular media pushes that love conquers all and that once the feeling takes over, everything should just fall into place. 

This is the furthest from the truth because relationships take work, commitment, and compromise. Start your over 50 dating journey by first changing your mindset so that you can see the possibilities of dating and not just the challenges.  

How to Meet a Nice Man Over 50

Now that your mind is in the right place, how can you go about finding that special someone? Since the dating scene is much different when you're of a certain age, you will likely need to be more proactive than you ever were in your younger years. 

Go Where the Men You Like Hang Out

Even if you don't have a "type", chances are that you like certain characteristics in a man. Consider what these traits are and where you can find a man that fits what you're looking for. 

The golf course is particularly popular for men 50 and up. Consider taking a golf class or attending a charity golf tournament at your local course. If you have friends that play golf, make it a group outing so that you have power in numbers. 

You might also like men that are well-read or passionate about certain subjects. Joining a book club or historical society could put you in contact with those men. 

The main takeaway is to get off the couch and get involved, rather than wait for Mr. Right to come and find you. Finding love is worth the extra effort, and you can't find him if you don't know where he hangs out. 

Use Dating Resources

Rather than trying to do all the legwork yourself, consider looking into some dating resources that can help you out. There are dating apps created specifically for older singles and people who have been divorced or widowed. 

In addition to dating apps, you can look into meetup groups that will put you in touch with other singles who enjoy certain activities. Speak to some experts or matchmakers who can also pair you with options based on what you're looking for. 

Too many people put pressure on themselves trying to find the right person instead of leaning on the help of people who can see their blind spots and open them up to suitors who they may not have even considered.  

Pay Attention to Your Social Circle

Do your best to assess your current social circle to see if there might be some eligible men that you're overlooking. Many women don't realize that their future husband is already in their circle of friends. 

Consider if there are any men who you already spend time with and whose company you enjoy that could be a potential relationship partner. 

Pay attention to men who are kind, generous, and who have your best interests in mind—even if you already know them. 

Work on Yourself

Many people rush into the dating market while skipping this ever-important aspect. You will be more likely to attract the man of your dreams when you're well-adjusted, healed from negative past experiences, and open-minded. 

Rather than finding someone to complete you, the purpose should be to be whole, and then find another whole person who can add to your life, and vice-versa. 

Consider going to therapy to work out any issues that you might be dealing with. You will enter the dating market lighter and freer when you have taken the time to do the work on yourself. 

Get your physical health in order as well. It's easier to get out and about and enjoy yourself while feeling comfortable in your skin when you're healthy and fit. 

Once you're in a good place, you'll attract a man who is also in a good place and wants to live a healthy and fulfilled life with you. 

Dating Over 50

It's not over just because you're 50. However, you have to be more intentional about your love life than you were in your younger years. That way, you'll find a like-minded man that can become the love of your life. 

So, is dating hard? What should you know about dating over 50?

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