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Choose Depression and Anxiety Counseling for Women over 50

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Are depression and anxiety holding you back? Find out if online depression and anxiety counseling can help you find love, feel loved, and build healthier relationships. 

Break Free from Whatever Is Holding You Back

Depression and anxiety are common in women of all ages and can significantly impact your ability to identify and build a happy relationship. However, that doesn't mean you have to struggle alone or be lonely forever.

Licensed therapist Sheila Henry can help you manage your symptoms and learn how to work through them so you can build the life you deserve. If you are ready to reach out, contact her today to learn more about depression and anxiety counseling for women over 50.

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A Great Relationship Starts With You

You deserve to feel loved, but if you are struggling with anxiety and depression, you might not feel that way. These conditions can make you overly dependent in your relationships, cause you to choose partners who might not align with your needs, and impact your relationships in a myriad of other ways. When you work with Sheila Henry, she can help you identify how these conditions hold you back in your life and relationships. 

How Our Depression and Anxiety Counseling Works

Step 1: Getting Started

Contact Sheila Henry today to learn more about her programs and schedule your first session. During your first session, she'll get to know you and learn more about your anxiety and depression. 

Step 2: The Process

Sheila Henry takes an integrated approach to treatment, offering EFT, hypnosis, cognitive therapy, and more. She'll work with you to determine what's best for your unique needs.  

Step 3: Moving Forward

When you have the right tools to manage your anxiety and depression, it is easier to improve all of your relationships, including those with friends, family members, and potential partners. Contact Sheila Henry today to begin. 

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Work With a Certified Therapist

Sheila Henry is a certified EFT relationship coach and licensed marriage therapist in California who specializes in helping women over 50 find the love they seek. She takes a holistic approach, helping her clients work through trauma, anxiety, and depression so they can begin their search from a fresh perspective. Contact her today to learn more about the treatments she offers. 

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How Much Does Depression and Anxiety Counseling Cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the program you choose and the number of sessions. However, our goal is to make quality care accessible to more women. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing. 

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It's Never Too Late for a New Beginning

Many women feel it's too late to find love after a certain age, but that's not true. When you seek treatment for the things holding you back, it's more than possible to build the relationship you dream of at any age. If you are ready to seek treatment for your anxiety and depression, contact Sheila Henry today to begin. 

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