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Are you stressed and.....

  • Feel like a failure because you never have enough time to finish your tasks?
  • Feel like you're shortchanging your home life because of work?
  • Look successful on the outside, but suffer from feeling stressed out and overwhelmed on the inside?
  • Suffer from feelings of guilt or shame because you don't have the time to be a good enough mother?

Can You Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You......

  • Had more stress free relaxed time with your family?
  • Felt good about the amount of time spent with your family & your career?
  • Didn't feel guilty or ashamed of time with family and or your career?
  • Feel pleased about what you accomplish each day?
  • Look forward to each day with excitement?

It's 6:30 AM Monday morning.  You're not really looking forward to the grueling task of getting the children dressed, fed and off to school.  For five minutes you practice the easy-to-learn scientifically proven tools that Sheila Henry taught you.  You're now feeling unstoppable and positively empowered .  With a smile on your face, you sip your morning coffee and then go upstairs to wake the children.

The children wake up cheerfully and one gets dressed himself and you dress the younger one.  Everything goes smoothly. They eat their breakfast, get in the car , and your husband drops them off at school.

You leave to go to work.

At work you finish your first project with the greatest of ease and then go on to the next project.  This goes on all day long and you surprisingly find yourself smiling all the time.  Gone are the stress and overwhelm that you used to have.

Then towards the end of the day, you leave to pick up the children from day care and bring them home.  The older one talks to you while you prepare dinner.  Your husband comes home with a smile on his face and the four of you enjoy a pleasant dinner together.

You think to yourself, "If only every day could be this stress free.why I might really enjoy my career and family.

Could this really happen to you?  Don't be surprised if it does.

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