Find Love!    (For Women Over 50)

                                                                     Miss being hugged?

Are you lonely?   

Tired of eating or watching TV alone at night?

Do you long for a partner that makes you feel loved?

Like so many other women you may be afraid to even venture out.  You may worry about repeating the mistakes of the past.

What if you pick someone who tries to control you   

What if you end up only doing what your partner wants?      

What if older men just want a nurse?   

What if you end up being a caretaker?  

What if you end up fighting a lot?     

What if the man only wants sex and will not make a commitment to you?      

What if  you feel too heavy or just not attractive enough?      

What if you don't know where or how to find him?

These are just some of the beliefs that I hear so much from lonely women who yearn to have an equal partner to share fun and companionship.

Hi, I'm Sheila

I help women 50+ create a great relationship with a man who makes them feel loved!


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Escape the grip of past events and patterns that sabotage your success. 
You must decide that you are worthy of Lifetime Love.  During these weeks we’re going to get clear on the emotions that have been sabotaging your success to meet Mr. Right.   We’ll focus on EFT "tapping" to let go of these unconscious patterns

Attract the right person.
How do you filter out the wrong person?  How do you know and quickly eliminate the person that can’t or won’t work for you?  We’ll get clear on “What makes YOU feel loved?”  so that you can create a life where you feel confident, happy and in control.
Where do you go and/or how do you meet  him?  We’ll examine the stories you tell yourself about who you are and  why nothing is working now.   We’ll guide you step by step on how and where to meet Mr. Right.



All extraordinary relationships require a commitment to a mastery of certain skill steps.  With EFT "tapping"
You can have the skills to ....

  1.       Let go of the baggage from past relationships
  2.      Love and value yourself.
  3.      Get clarity on what you really want and need for happiness & lasting passion
  4.      Identify and quickly eliminate Mr. Wrong
  5.     Conquer the obstacles the have blocked you in the past
  6.      Find the man that makes YOU feel loved
  7.      Create a great relationship with the love of your life

Sometimes it is so difficult to find the right partner.  When we're young, we look for excitement, good looks, and fun.  We think we're in love because of all those raging hormones in our body.  Yet 50% of first marriages end in divorce.  Perhaps some of those marriages could have been saved and perhaps some of us stayed way too long in a relationship that was harmful to us. 

I have found in my 30+ years of counseling, that there are many women over 50 who are single and wanting a relationship.  Not just any kind of a relationship, but a healthy enriching one, with a man who makes them feel loved.  You just don't know how to find it.  You may be successful in so many areas of their life and yet you are stymied in the relationship department.

After many years in an empty long term relationship I separated, thinking that I would be single for the rest of my life.  At age 82 I found myself looking at men again.  I did a lot of research consulted some experts and within 6 months I met and dated an extraordinary man.  (I did have dates with other high quality men, but this man stood out.)  He was healthy, extremely intelligent, has the same core values that I had and was 2 years older than me.  He moved into the retirement community where I live and we have had a wonderful loving relationship for 2 years.  He is my best friend.

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