Over the Hill & Into a Bright Beginning!

  • Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed?
  • Are you yearning for an intimate partnership, & not finding it?
  • Are you tired of your financial struggles?
  • Do you find it difficult to tell people what you want?
  • Try to lose weight, but always regain it?

If you're still hope and trying to achieve your goals, and not succeeding, I want you to know that the troubles you're having are not your fault.  This course will enable you to utilize the tools presented to create the success you deserve to enjoy your life.

    It's time to stop the struggle and get what you desire!

In order to succeed you need to form a  very clear plan about what you want.

You absolutely cannot manifest before you identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been sabotaging you until now.

You need to integrate your goals so they they become part of your everyday life.

You need to make a commitment to take actions that lead to your desired outcomes.

As you connect to your higher power, you will truly feel your deepest desire and know that life and the universe are supporting you.

You Can Become the Person You Were Meant To Be As You Step Into Your Destiny!

Join the "Over the Hill & Into a  Bright Beginning" Group

Mondays from 4:30 PM to 6 PM  PDT

Investment:  6 Sessions for $179

Facilitated by Lyle Brady and Sheila Henry

Using their own struggles and extensive research with manifesting their  goals, Sheila Henry and Lyle Brady use proven tools that have enabled them to succeed to enable you to achieve your goals.  

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